Monday, June 4, 2012

This is the racing/car game im talking about!

This is the Need For Speed 2 game in PS-X that i played, the PS-X is the first playstation console the big one. This game is all about cars, race, customizing car parts etc.. This game was released in 1997 im only 7 yrs. old back then, my aunt bought the game for me because she thinks that i like cars. That's when i started to like cars. I forgot the PS-X is not mine, my uncle bought it but he is letting me play the PS-X. I'm still young back then but i quickly learned how to play PS-X games my uncle taught me. 

Now I will share some information about this game. It has 3 types of games, the single race, tournament and the knockout race. First the single race, its a quick race game here you can familiarize tracks and  can quickly adapt to the gameplay. Second is the tournament, here you will go to battles that contains prizes and you can also unlock some tracks. Lastly the knockout race, here you will go battle with other cars(the computer) and you must be always first, why?because if you lose, you will be eliminated.In this game you can customize cars, upgrade the car parts and go with your style. There many cars that you can use in the game but you will have to unlock them first. There are also available or free cars from the start like the Mclaren, Ferrari, Ford and etc.. That's all i can share for now, enjoy reading it folks!. :)

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