Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Luxury SUV That I Want

This is Lincoln Navigator 2012. This time it's about SUV, also one of my dream car. I started to like this when i played "Need For Speed" and this is my main car in SUV Chapter Race. Like i said in my recent posts i really enjoyed playing the game and i customized the lincoln navigator parts. I put NOS(Nitrous Oxide System) and upgraded some parts like the suspensions, bumpers, spoilers, sound system and the body kits. I changed the tires & rims and put wheels spinners in it. I also changed and upgraded the interior of the car. I customized it to look more stylish and cool.

I will share some features about this car. The engine of this car is 5.4L and has a wide ratio 6-speed automatic transmission V8 performance and it is Flex-Fuel capable. It has a Multi-Link Rear Suspension, the MLRS let's the rear wheels to respond good in bumps and jolts. Another feature is the Control Trac 4WD, this system enhances the handling in slippery and dry road surface. For the safety feature, it has a 911 Assist system. The 911 assist is connected to the 911 operators, if you are in an emergency situation it will trigger immediately. The car has a 6 Standard Airbag. Another feature is the AdvanceTrac with Roll Stability System Control, this systems monitors turning rates and vehicle roll. Another is the Trailer Sway Control, this system maintains the stability and control of the car. Another feature is the SOS Post-Crash Alert System, this feature will help locate your car instantly when you are in a emergency situation. That's all i can share, the features here is not complete i just shared some information about it, I think it might help you in some ways, so enjoy reading. :)

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