Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I Like This Car!

This is Subaru WRX STI, this is one of my dream car and i really really like this car ever since i learned about cars. Subaru is manufactured by japanese car maker Fuji Heavy Industries Subaru. I started to like this car when i watched the anime "Initial D". Initial D is a japanese anime and it is about illegal japanese street car racing. The racing scenes focuses on drifting in uphill and downhill also in some rare urban cities. There are 8 stages or 8 chapter arcs, in these stages the main character is competing in every location or prefecture and they are battling it out if who's gonna be the best drifter in that town or prefecture. I like Subaru Impreza because of the style, it's like me cool and great (lol that's only a joke). For the car's interior it has a good audio system, automatic climate control, touch screen GPS navigation system and six airbags. And for the car's exterior it has a turbocharged engine, great wide body design and quad outlet exhaust.

This car is really a great one, so what i'm gonna do is save and save and save money in order for me to afford this one. I will also save money to buy some good subaru parts and customize it like a drifting race car, like the car in Initial D. I think it will be so cool if i can have one and do what i want to do. That's all folks, this is my first blog article hope you enjoyed reading this article. :)

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