Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I Like This Car 2

This is the Chevrolet Corvette Coupe 2012. It is also one of my dream car, i really like cars from chevy especially the corvette. I started to like the corvette when i began playing Gran Turismo in PS1 and i became addicted in playing the game, i customized my corvette and bought all the high end car parts that will make my car look stylish and cool. Then i discovered another car racing game in PS1, it is "Need For Speed". When I started the game I picked the corvette as my main car and also i became addicted in playing it, i also customized my car and also bought all the high end car parts and made my car look very cool. 

I will elaborate some of the features and specifications of Corvette Coupe 2012. The engine is 6.2L 430-hp LS3 V8, it has a 4 front and side airbags. The system ignition is keyless and has a dual-zone automatic climate control. The audio system is 7 speaker with satellite radio and has a cd player & audio auxiliary jack. For the powertrain and performance, it has a six-speed manual transmission and launch control and also has a optional dual exhaust. Corvette has a great fuel capacity and efficency. For the safety, it has a anti lock disc brake system and great stability control. That's all i can share folks although its not the complete features and specifications, i think it can give you some information about Corvette Coupe. :)

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